is coming!


Play as Man, and be a Monster in this browserbased MULTIPLAYER IO game in the Man Or Monster universe!

We got the chance to work on a multiplayer version of Man Or Monster for the web, and we thought it would be totally awesome! (Especially since we had to drop online multiplayer for Super Man Or Monster). So, here it is! We’re currently in a ‘closed’ beta.

Watch the Youtube trailer here:

and join the Discord conversation here:

We really hope you can help us make this a huge success! News on Super Man Or Monster is coming soon too 🙂

Diederik / Xform



New visual style!

Hello everybody!

As you can see when looking at the site header images, we did an update to the visual style of Super Man Or Monster! We think it suits the game perfectly and it’s the look we’ve always envisioned for it. We hope you like it 🙂

We’ll be back soon with some pretty awesome other news!


Diederik / Xform

Splitscreen mode almost done!

Hi all!

Finally another update from the development front! We’re happy to announce that development is currently going at full speed again. After a considerable pause, in which we did two other awesome smaller games, we’re back to finish SMOM!

At this moment we’re wrapping up work on the local multiplayer functionality, a.k.a. the splitscreen mode, a.k.a. versus mode. It involved some technical challenges such as reworking the complete input / controller system (!). At this moment we’re supporting 2 players in a single simple gamemode, man versus monster. Which is already great fun! Hopefully I can post some footage of this soon.


Diederik / Xform

We’ve been Greenlit!

Awesome news! Super Man Or Monster has been Greenlit for Steam!

Over the last weeks we received loads of nice comments and questions about the game. We’ll definitely take those to heart when finishing the game. FYI Super Man Or Monster was Greenlit in  just 12 days with 1384 Yes votes! How cool is that?!

Next, we’ll be implementing all the required Steam stuff into our game. Check back here regularly for updates! Hopefully we can tell you something about a release date soon!

Thanks all!