is coming!


Play as Man, and be a Monster in this browserbased MULTIPLAYER IO game in the Man Or Monster universe!

We got the chance to work on a multiplayer version of Man Or Monster for the web, and we thought it would be totally awesome! (Especially since we had to drop online multiplayer for Super Man Or Monster). So, here it is! We’re currently in a ‘closed’ beta.

Watch the Youtube trailer here:

and join the Discord conversation here:

We really hope you can help us make this a huge success! News on Super Man Or Monster is coming soon too 🙂

Diederik / Xform



New visual style!

Hello everybody!

As you can see when looking at the site header images, we did an update to the visual style of Super Man Or Monster! We think it suits the game perfectly and it’s the look we’ve always envisioned for it. We hope you like it 🙂

We’ll be back soon with some pretty awesome other news!


Diederik / Xform