What is it?

Super Man Or Monster is an exciting new 3D third person action game. The player chooses if he or she wants to fight as a MAN to save the world, or as a MONSTER to destroy it! As a man, it’s a great mix between a shooter and an RTS game: Build your army. Blast monsters and fly around with your jetpack. Kick ass. As a Monster, it’s a bash, stomp and beat ’em up: Wreck the city. Bring chaos. Let your inner monster roam free.

What’s so super about it?

The original Man Or Monster is a Unity browser game we developed for Miniclip.com. We’re now taking the development to the next level by adding all super 16 bit retro stuff we didn’t have time for. At this moment we have lots of new content and a pretty awesome splitscreen mode! Besides all the fancy fullscreen effects we can now do! We’re hoping to release in 2017 on PC.


Back in October 2013, our friends at Miniclip were really keen on doing a Minecraft-like  game. We examined that style closely, but realized that we didn’t want to just copy the look. So we investigated how we could make it more our own thing. This meant that we kept the cubic style, got rid of the low-resolution textures and added a nice bright retro style to it. And of course, lots of bullets and explosions! We’re big fans of 8 and 16 bit games and we hope that we created something that brings back those days, only now in glorious 3D!

The game was a great success on Miniclip when we launched in 2014 and even won a Dutch Game Award for Best Browser Game. Over the course of 2015, we’ve been adding loads of cool stuff (we even did a VR demo!) and doing a lot of polishing already. After quite a long break , we resumed production in 2016 to implement another cool feature: the splitscreen mode!


Now it’s summer 2017, and the latest thing we did was introduce a cool retro new look for the game. As you might know, we’ve also been busy working on the browser multiplayer game, ManOrMonster.io. We’ve just showcased the game at the indie festival Indigo and got a lot of great feedback. Now, hopefully, we can finally wrap up the game development 🙂 Seriously though, we want to be 100% happy with the game when it releases, so we hope you can be patient with us.


  • Play as Man or as Monster. Two games for the price of one!
  • Explore more than 30 of the world’s biggest cities in glorious cubestyle.
  • Units in the game are all controllable by Man! Hurray!
  • Unlock all units, special attacks and (even more) trophies.
  • Enhanced HD graphics and visual effects. 8-bit look now in three dimensions.
  • Great retro chiptunes that won’t go out of your head!
  • Controller support.
  • A jetpack and fart-attacks. Need I say more?
  • No registration, no IAP, just pure gaming goodness.
  • Estimated release date: 2017.
  • Estimated price: $ 14,99


Want more Xform and Super Man Or Monster?

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter @XformGameDev, Instagram, Youtube, XformGames.com and ofcourse keep your eyes peeled on this site!

Put it on your wishlist now through the Steam Store Page!

For discussion, you can find our Steam Community Hub!

Or you can visit our Discord page for ManOrMonster.io!


38 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for your reply! Played the web browser version and I can’t wait to see a full steam release! Thanks, A fan


  2. Yeah, the game is great on Miniclip and it looks even better on steam! Do you have a release date?


  3. before you do realease and stuff
    can you please fix the “infinite stunned” bug as monster?
    i hate that if you don’t spam shields or invis you are doomed to lose as monster


    1. Hey Jevry,
      At this moment, we cannot work on the original Man Or Monster. Sorry! You’ll have to try to workaround it and use the shields as you suggested, or make sure you clear all annoying units from a distance with projectiles.
      We’ll make sure to put it on our list to check the monster-stunning for Super Man Or Monster too.
      For now, please help us by joining the beta for ManOrMonster.io !!!


  4. very much thanks for the reply. that always is very reassuring

    so i have been looking around to scavenge as much of the changes i could find
    will you be posting a full changelog to neatly summarize everything.
    ofcourse i like the multiplayer. and splitscreen
    but i am personally mostly concerned about the flaws the original games had
    and if they will be fixed (the infinite stun glitch being my biggest concern ofcourse)
    so i would like to see a list of changes

    like this very nice example one i made here:
    -players can roar as monster like the ai always could in browser version
    -name costumisation that i have always seen in vids
    -better monster ai, use hand attacks more and punish you for spamming all your defenses at one place, (aoe attacks) instead of him only targeting the buildings
    -monster getting stunned now is on a cooldown


    1. well sorry for ANOTHER comment. but i would like to clear up that i do get that the browser version is now uneditable. my suggestions are directed towards the upcoming SMOM


  5. poop, i can’t edit comments here.
    i already kinda completed man or monster.io in about 2/3 hours so yeah
    well as monster i did, man doesnt have the dps to grind trough at reasonable speeds
    while having same xp requirements


  6. sorry if the many comments are kind of anoying
    but since there is no changelist i’m just gonna
    address another bug that anoys me in the browser version
    civilians freeze when they touch water


  7. i made a scraped together changelog on the steam site as a discussion, and under it a list of suggestions i have. so there you can find everything nicely together.

    so anyways, time to once again ask the eternal lasting question.
    how close to completion? what is the ETA?


  8. and also, what will you guys do exactly after the indigo 30th of june?

    wait in the netherlands?! aww dangit, that’s so conveniently close.
    i can’t make that sadly though.


  9. Thanks for putting it up on the Greenlight page! ETA is still 2017! After Indigo? We’ll we still have some other (paying) projects that need our attention, but we hope to get it out after the release of ManOrMonster.io.


  10. you think the ai players won’t be needed anymore after the .io leaves beta?
    guess the advertisement and being on gamesites like miniclip will help alot


  11. hey diederik, i heard that steam is looking into replacing the greenlight system.
    might want to read up on that as if im correct SMOM hasn’t officially left greenlight yet
    (after 2 years lolz)


  12. Hey jevry! I don’t know the details of what they are doing with the greenlight system (but I heard that they were moving to another approach where you have to pay a fee). If I come across more detailed information I’ll read up on it. Not sure what you mean by ‘left greenlight yet’. As far as I know, a game is either ‘greenlit’ or ‘NOT greenlit’. SMOM is greenlit so that is good. The greenlight page is still online, maybe that will change. I will also investigate if we can get a ‘Coming soon’ page to replace that 🙂


  13. Very, very unfortunate about no multiplayer for the game. Honestly for me it was a key selling point of the game. who wouldn’t want to have an army fight off 2 waring giant monsters? I hope the game gets developed and added to further, and that multiplayer becomes a part of that. Imagine something of the scale of manormonster.io in this game, monsters brawling with people caught in between trying to vanquish them. I’ve wanted a game like this for years and now that it’s nearly here i just hope it delivers all that it promises.


    1. Hi HellDragon,
      For an online multiplayer mode, we really needed external funding. Which we do not have up to this point :(. Everything that you see now was made by incredible long and hard work in the after hours over the past couple of years. That said, having battling monsters sounds pretty cool though so who knows what the future might bring. We feel very lucky though that we were able to bring you ManOrMonster.io for free! Hurray!


  14. Forgot to add, will there be any plans to further extend the game? possible DLC in any form? (such as skins, new monsters, maps, modes etc.) Or is the game going to be released and only have bug fixes and minor changes.

    I hope you have big plans for a game of kaiju proportions.


    1. Well, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘extend’ the game since it has not even been released in it’s current version? If you are wondering about the differences between the original Man Or Monster and the SUPER version, you can already spot some differences by looking at the videos and images we’ve released so far. And, luckily, it will run *a lot* better than the browsergame ;). As for DLC and extensions in the future: how about we see if people actually want to play the game first… 😉


  15. Is there going to be more content added over time like possibly an online multiplayer mode new maps monsters or other DLC?


  16. i suggest that if the game sells well enough you develop the function to have better multiplayer anyways? i say 4 players in a single game should be max though(if you decide to really go for it. mmo level simply doesn’t even fit this game). and it should work a bit like in games like castle crashers.
    you just buy the game with friends and play together/vs each other.
    or do a random online game which is also possible?
    but as long as 2 player hotseat splitscreen is there i am MORE then happy.

    i would say make the better multiplayer be a dlc but knowing how people work, the community backlash effect could be fatal. people don’t mind dlc too much. but when you touch “essential game mechanics”(like multiplayer, or what paradox is doing atm) oh boy! While making it a free update ofcourse also will cut into your much deserved profit. though sales will go up if you do make the update free.
    the safe route is ofcourse to simply not bother with it.

    ahh game development, so many choises, and behind every door is another prize. while one may be a goat, the othe rmay be a car. sadly switching doors won’t increase your win chances on this one.

    hmm… how about: if the game does well. hold a poll. asking in if you would add such multiplayer. how much would people think it would convince them to buy the game? and similiar questions.
    if it turns out good you just go for it?
    just an idea though


    1. Thanks for your thoughts jevry!
      For this game, ‘adding’ multiplayer means starting most programming from scratch. It cannot simple be a DLC :(.
      Having a multiplayer (for a proper 3d thirdperson action game, with a balancing hell to consider), creates EXTREME high expectations from players nowadays.
      If it doesn’t run as smooth as Overwatch, you get a ton of shit poured over you.
      Players just don’t care that your a small developer: they are investing time in your game (not even money) and want a solid supercool experience.
      And otherwise they are more than happy to ruin it for everybody else, including the developers.
      Luckily, we don’t really care about these kinds of spoiled brats, and are more than willing to just give it our best and see how it goes. If only we had the time (and at least *some* money.
      We are now focussing on improving the splitscreen. It’s operational, it kind of feels like a last-minute addition 🙂


  17. Will the Super man or monster have online multiplayer, if not is there any hope for it in the future?


  18. so btw, while i think the retro art style is interesting, will there also be an option to not make the game look like you are playing in the sahara during summer? because the game imo looks like the whole city is effected by a heat wave. like it is one of those cartoony fata morganas (that is so not the right words for it). a giant illusion created by heat waves. so actually there is no monster or city, it is just an illusion created by the player’s imagination. and when he gets closer it dissapears. and he falls face first into the sand. because he jumped because he thought he had a jetpack. player: ‘aww but i wanted to be a hero of the city and kill the monster so i could get some water :(‘


  19. QUESTION!PLEASE ANSWER: I remember that i was plaing thys game as a kid and i was in first person mode plaing at monster or man! Why if i try to play first person now, it doesnt work!??!?!?! Its there something im missing?


    1. Sorry to say that first person mode has been removed. It had to do with the functionality we added to be able to enter and use every vehicle in the game. Making all vehicles controllable in 3rd and 1st person mode turned out to be undo-able. Hope you like the game anyway!


  20. sorry but i whole like for the game in steam but i don t whyi like the game cause when ever i play man or monster and manor monster io thank


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