When will Burnin’ Rubber 6 come?
For the love of God people…


What is Super Man Or Monster?
We have a special page just to answer that question!


What are the differences between SMOM and the original Man Or Monster?
On the same page as we mentioned above. Cool huh?


Will the game be free?
No. It will probably cost around $14,99.


When will the game be released?
31 October 2017! That’s pretty soon already!


Will the game come to platform x?
Only for PC at this moment, but we certainly won’t rule out a future Mac and Linux build. And maybe even a console release next year, but there are no actual plans for that.


Can I try the game already?
If you happen to be somewhere we are showing and testing the game: absolutely. If we’re going to an event, we’ll definitely post it here on this very site. If you are a press or youtube person, you can apply for a key here: dodistribute.com/access/qbRa09z5IJ/


Will the game come to early access?


Is feature X in the game?
You can see the features we thought were worth mentioning on the about page. And the features that have not made it here (insert future blogpost link here 😉 ).


Will there be online multiplayer? (I don’t want to look on the about page)
Unfortunately, no. But we will have local splitscreen multiplayer.


Where can I get more information on Xform Games?
We’ve written some info on Xform here!