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      1. Hi, I wanted to tell you that man or monster in Brazil, the monster gets stuck and can not walk, can you fix it?


      2. Thanks! No, we’re not working on regular Man Or Monster anymore 😦 . For Super Man Or Monster, we’re hoping to have these sorts of issues fixed. It’s pretty hard though, it has to do with the varying sizes of the monsters, and the steps they are allowed to make to move up. We don’t want them walking over small buildings or onto mountains :(.


    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm! It’s not done yet! We’re pretty far, but there are some things (for example some splitscreen balancing) that we’re not happy with. Please be patient! In the meantime, why not try ManOrMonster.io ?


  1. on man or monster.io the meteor strike is way to commin i can to 1 min without i happening and its really annoying


  2. Hi! i have a suggestion: try realesing on console and most importantly mobile. i think it would be a big hit on mobile beacuse a lot of people have outdated consoles and with new ones popping up left and right they cannot afford new ones! there is a big market on mobile. thanks!


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